Why You Need To Be Watching "Mad Men"

“Why You Need To Watch ‘Mad Men’”….as if you need a reason why. Aside from any associated stigmas (like that only your nostalgic older relatives watch the show), “Mad Men” has been hailed as one of the greatest dramas of our time (from the same channel as “Breaking Bad” no less). The first episode of the final season premiered this past Sunday, but that's no reason for you to avoid binge-watching the previous six seasons during study breaks. If you need any more convincing, read on. 
Historical Context
Set in the early 1960s (and continuing on from there), Mad Men’s cast lives through major political and social movements, including assassinations and elections. In addition to brushing up on everything you forgot in the last leg of your US History class, the show’s creator (Matthew Weiner) also perfectly illustrates the role of dissatisfied housewife, which ultimately led to the second wave of feminism. Boom, a quick synopsis of mid-century history. 
The Characters
Like any successful series, characters drive the show. The same goes for Mad Men. The series hits every archetype you could possibly want and is really good at creating characters both beloved and loathed (once again, no spoilers here). 
“WTF!” Moments
I’m not going to go into any detail (spoilers, y’know?), but if you like seemingly random, yet hysterical moments in your shows, look no further. 
Fashion: From Madison Avenue to the Runway
You can thank Mad Men”s costume designer Janie Bryant for the resurgence of retro patterns, hemlines, and silhouettes in the past several years. The wardrobe for the show is accurate, meticulous, and honestly stunning. Heck, there’s even a book centered on the subject. So next time you don high-waisted shorts and cat-eye sunglasses for a music festival this summer, thank Mad Men. 
Be a Part of Something “Smart”
In an interview with NPR, Weiner flatters Mad Men’s “smart" viewers. According to the interview, Weiner says ”This watch makes you interesting.” (NPR) Need I say more?