Why Men are Obsessed with Sports According to My Boyfriend (and Me)

My boyfriend is constantly watching sports, and if he’s not watching sports he’s getting an update from ESPN on his phone. Yeah, it seems pretty normal because it’s just a guy thing to do, but when we were in high school, my BF did not care about sports at all. It’s almost like part of becoming a man. If you are a guy and you aren’t into sports what are you doing with your life? Really, please let me know, unless it’s playing video games. Or maybe it’s the peer pressure to love sports in a college town like Auburn, where everyone is pretty sports oriented. But I asked my boyfriend the real reasons why he is watching Mayweather vs Pacquiao right now, and why every other male is in the U.S. is doing the same.

1) My friends watch sports, so it’s a way to connect with them.

You know, because talking about your real life is lame.

2) It’s part of being man’s man. Knowing about sports is just an admirable trait among males, and of course I want to be awesome according to guy code.

Anything to make you more like Channing Tatum is fine by me.

3)      I want to win a fantasy league, so I had to start watching all the games to actually be good at it.

It's not like there's anything else important to do.

4)      Whether it’s playing video games or watching them on TV, sports are how I get my competitiveness out.

I would say pick up a sport, but never mind.

5)      Sports are a fun way to support my state or the state my family is from.

Okay, War Eagle to that.

6)      I don’t like any television besides movies and sports. I’m not attracted to sitcoms or syndicated television like CSI. Every sporting event is different and exciting, because I know it’s real – not scripted.

You mean the Real Housewives aren't crazy enough?

7)      You don’t have to watch every previous game to get what’s happening. It’s not like a drama, where watching every episode is necessary to the plot. Basketball is always basketball, and football is always football.

The rules to the game are basically more important than the Bible. 

8)      Sports are just an escape. It’s a way to forget all of my real problems and have fun. It’s that simple.

Alright, we get that too. Bring on the cake and wine!

I guess it’s okay that my guy is obsessed with sports, because they make him happy. Important update from ESPN: Mayweather won the fight. 


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