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Which Character from “The Office” You Are, According to MBTI

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Auburn chapter.

When you watch “The Office,” you can’t help but notice all the different types of people these characters are. From excitable Michael to the grumpy Stanley, there’s always someone you know that matches up with a character. With your MBTI personality classification, you can see which “The Office” character is most like you and everyone else you know! *Disclaimer: this post does contain mild spoilers in the form of characters who show up later in the series, so if you don’t want people/plots spoiled, read at your own risk!*


ESTJ – “The Guardian” – Dwight Schrute

Dwight is incredibly dedicated and strong-willed, as seen by how much time and effort he puts into being a diligent worker at Dunder Mifflin. ESTJs are also honest and loyal, which can be seen in Dwight’s relationship to Michael. Additionally, Dwight also loves to create and enforce order, which is a key characteristic of ESTJs. Alternatively, Dwight presents several ESTJ weaknesses, including inflexibility and stubbornness, being judgmental and finding it difficult to relax.


ESFJ – “The Caregiver” – Kelly Kapoor

ESFJs are characterized by their loyalty, which can be seen in Kelly’s relationship with Ryan. Additionally, Kelly is great at connecting with people, as she works in customer service. Alternatively, Kelly can at times be too sensitive and needy. Remember when Dwight and Jim forgot her party?


ISTJ – “The Duty Fulfiller” – Angela Martin

Just as the name states, Angela has a strong sense of duty and responsibility, which can be seen in her strong work ethic. She’s very honest and direct, which comes off as blunt or insensitive at times. Additionally, ISTJs enjoy creating and enforcing order, which can be seen in her role as the head of the Party Planning Committee. As with ISTJs, Angela can be judgmental, stubborn and a rule stickler.


ISFJ – “The Nurturer” – Phyllis Vance

Phyllis is supportive, hard-working, reliable and patient. For the most part, she is incredibly kind to the ones around her and is willing to forgive others upon receiving a genuine apology. Even after years of conflict with Angela, she proves to be an amazing friend to her in the end. However, she can at times take things too personally and be too selfless.


ESTP – “The Doer” – Ryan Howard

Ryan is bold, original and risk-prone, which is seen in many his unique and innovative business ideas. He is often insensitive and impatient, namely to Kelly, and does not like being boxed in by rules and strict authority. Ryan’s perceptiveness and social skills allow him to climb the corporate ladder quickly, but his riskiness and defiance often cause him problems.


ESFP – “The Performer” – Andy Bernard

Just as the name suggests, Andy Bernard loves to perform. Whether that be in his A Capella group “Here Comes Treble,” in the play “Sweeney Todd,” or in his larger than life romantic gestures, Andy loves to captivate an audience and receive attention. Aesthetically, Andy has a bold sense of style and treats Dunder Mifflin as his stage. His weaknesses include difficulty with long-term planning, as well as being sensitive, easily bored and at times unfocused.


ISTP – “The Mechanic” – Stanley Hudson

One of Stanley’s most notable characteristics is how relaxed he tends to be. He often goes with the flow and doesn’t worry too much about things. He can also be spontaneous and optimistic, especially in Florida. On the other hand, Stanley can be stubborn and insensitive, which often is seen in his conversations with Michael.


ISFP – “The Artist” – Kevin Malone

Kevin is incredibly sensitive to others, and truly considers the emotions and feelings of those around him. Kevin expresses his artistic ability and passionate side while performing in his band, “Scrantonicity,” as well as playing with Andy and Darryl. Getting stressed out comes easily to Kevin, as he often gets flustered at unpredictable times. His fiercely independent nature is proven by the fact that we never learn much about Kevin, as he is very private.


ENFP – “The Inspirer” – Michael Scott

Without energy and enthusiasm, there is no Michael Scott. He is incredibly friendly, and wants everyone to share his enthusiastic and optimistic attitude. One ENFP strength is knowing how to relax, and Michael may be a little too good at this. Difficulty to focus, overthinking things and at times having poor practical skills are all characteristics of Michael. However, at the end of the day, Michael pulls through and proves successful.


ENFJ – “The Giver” – Nellie Bertram

Charisma is a chief quality Nellie holds. Upon entering Dunder Mifflin, people initially saw her as trouble. However, she was quickly able to charm people and gain popularity. She is a natural leader and creates opportunities whenever possible. One weakness of Nellie is that her self-esteem often fluctuates, which may not be noticed by those who don’t truly know her.


INFP – “The Idealist” – Holly Flax

Harmony is heavily valued by Holly, and she strives to accomplish it. Upon noticing that employees of Dunder Mifflin are offended by Todd Packer, Holly makes a point to tell Michael, because she wants everyone to be happy. She is optimistic and energetic, which makes her a perfect match for Michael. Weaknesses of INFPs include being difficult to get to know, as they are often very private and reserved.


INFJ – “The Protector” – Pam Beesly

Pam’s pieces of art and her pranks on Dwight reveal her creative side. Additionally, she is insightful, convincing and a great negotiator, which allows her to solve many conflicts, especially with Dwight. Her determination and decisiveness allow her to achieve things she sets her mind to. Her weaknesses include being sensitive, which results in her feelings being hurt often. Additionally, INFJs often get burnt out easily, which happens to Pam at reception.


ENTP – “The Visionary” – Jim Halpert

Jim’s energetic personality and ability to think quickly allow him to not only pull hilarious pranks on Dwight, but also make important sales with clients. He is original and charismatic, which makes many Dunder Mifflin employees enjoy spending time around him. However, Jim tends to dislike practical matters and often finds it difficult to focus, which sometimes result in him playing more than he works.


ENTJ – “The Executive” – Jan Levinson

Efficiency is of high importance to Jan, which is seen by Jan getting upset with Michael if his productivity is not to her standards. Jan is self-confident and strong-willed, and as a result she speaks her mind and strives to achieve goals. Her weaknesses include being dominant, cold and ruthless, which rubs people the wrong way. Additionally, she has trouble handling her emotions, and often lashes out at the people in her life.


INTP – “The Thinker” – Creed Bratton

Creed’s originality and enthusiasm make him a unique character that is very entertaining to the people around him. INTPs are abstract thinkers, and Creed often thinks of many conspiracy theories. His weaknesses include being absent minded and detesting rules and authority. These weaknesses make it difficult for Creed to excel in a traditional workplace, but his strengths distract others from his weaknesses.


INTJ – “The Scientist” – Oscar Martinez

Oscar, like INTJs, loves to absorb knowledge and think strategically. He has high self-confidence, which sometimes comes across as arrogance. He is very hard-working and determined, which allows him to accomplish many tasks at work. Oscar is a voice of reason at Dunder Mifflin, and encourages others to think before acting on ideas. While he may find it hard to deal with emotions, his strategic thinking is an asset to the company.

Sarah Grace is currently a Junior studying Accountancy at Auburn University. She is the treasurer of Her Campus Auburn. Her hobbies include exploring the outdoors, jigsaw puzzles, and gardening.
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