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It’s Saturday night, after an Auburn football game not much was happening and I had absolutely no plans for Sunday besides binge watching Netflix and sleeping the day away.  Both of which I am very skilled at but these plans changed when I got asked by my best friends if we could take a weekend getaway trip. Realizing that the beach was only 3 hours away, we woke up early Sunday morning and got on the road. It wasn’t until half way into the trip, that we realized we were broke college students and didn’t really have money to do any fun activities on our spontaneous adventure. This lead to the idea of budgeting what we really wanted to do and putting all our money (yes, even the coins too) in one pile to make it happen. Here’s a little sneak peak of what we were able to do on our getaway trip:

We arrived at our small hotel a little before lunch time, and checked in. We received the best deal mainly because we decided to stay in a hotel that was not beachfront. It ended up being $90 for the night so split between 4 people, $22 total—you can’t beat that!

Once we got settled in, we decided to throw on our swim suits and go sit by the pool for the day. Unfortunately, remembering we were college students, we realized we still had responsibilities—such as school work. Especially, Madison, who had a lab due to canvas that very day. But that didn’t stop her from enjoying her getaway. We spent majority of the day by the pool, relaxing, gossiping and of course doing homework. We were enjoying our getaway so much, time slipped by and we remembered we had not eaten the entire day.

To save money, the idea of grilling hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill came up and we all agreed it was best for our wallets. Once we returned from grocery shopping—in which we spent, $35, 8.75 a piece—we made our seasonal chef, Briana hop on the grill.

All in all, we had a great, relaxing, cheap and fun filled weekend getaway. If you’re ever balling on budget, like we were, use these hacks to ensure you and your besties have the best time ever!


Taylor is a Junior studying journalism with a Spanish minor at Auburn University, and after graduation plans to attend law school to pursue a career in fim focusing on legal affairs. In addition, Taylor is also a member of the Kappa Upsilon chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. When she isn't doing school work, she enjoys binge watching Grey's Anatomy, working out, and shopping. Some of her favorite things include traveling, going to concerts, and going out with her line sisters.
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