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If you are graduating within the next 6 months, you know what I’m talking about. Chances are you’ve been plagued with some degree of this infamous condition. In fact, Senioritis isn’t exclusively reserved for seniors; really any student is at risk.

General symptoms include: skipping your 8 (or 9 or 10) a.m. class more than once a week, taking more than one nap per day in lieu of studying and sitting in lecture, scrolling through Instagram, even though your professor explicitly said no phones allowed. Never fear though, here are some very simple ways to combat the elusive Senioritis.


1. Find other fellow Seniors

If you connect with a group of girls also battling Senioritis, you can be each other’s support system. Maybe even rotate weekly, who goes to class and gets notes for the rest of the group (it’s just an idea).


2. Don’t fall behind

Yes, you start slacking off your last semester before graduation but if you’re not careful, three and a half years of hard work may be ruined. While it’s okay to take some “personal days,” remember to hang in there for a few more months.


3. Keep your eye on the prize

Whatever your major may be, whether you are going straight to the work force or continuing on with your education, the end is in sight. We are almost real adults, doing real adult things in the real adult world. Don’t lose sight of this.


4. Just have fun

Graduation is upon us and as much as we don’t want to leave the loveliest village, that time is sooner than you may think. Just remember to live in the moment and soak up everything before you walk across that stage.

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