Trends to Look Out for in 2017


Everyone’s favorite 90’s trend is making a comeback in all shapes and sizes, from skirts to shoes to tops




Take it back to being a kid with playful floral patterns and embroidery




Slip dresses

Simple, solid or patterned slip dresses are an easy way to dress up without much effort. Pair one with an undershirt and a choker for a totally rad 90’s look




Lace-up tops/choker tops

Keeping with the 90s grunge trend that’s been popular for a while, tops with plunging or keyhole necklines are still in style




Bomber jackets

You can pair one of these with pretty much anything to dress it up a little


All white sneakers

I truly hope this trend never goes out of style. White converse, Keds, or Adidas sneakers go with pretty much anything and are super comfortable



Nike shorts and a tshirt

I’m pretty sure this old classic will never go away. This is pretty much the collegiette uniform, and you’ll catch me in this a lot more than anything else I’ve listed