The Top Six Most Questionable Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest has some useful information like easy recipes and fun DIYs, but sometimes I really wonder if anyone actually uses some of the uh interesting stuff I scroll through. In honor of the crazy, overly complicated, and just down right weird Pins, I present the top six most questionable Pins on Pinterest

  1. The 100 step DIY

Props to anyone who uses the time, money, and energy for this one

     2.  The recipe that is just too much


Basket weaved bacon may be a sign

     3. The is this actually an Ad?

I thought I was browsing Pinterest not strolling past the mall kiosk

    4. The all-natural skin treatment you would never believe existed


Charcoal is apparently a teeth whitener


     5. The couple that loves each other too much

Can anyone really sleep this way?

     6. The  outrageously adorable exotic animal

The only place where octopus and adorable can be in the same sentence