Time to Insta-Stalk

Everyone is guilty of some shameless Insta-Creeping (YES, zero shame)! You find yourself 133 weeks into someone’s posts and you’re praying to the powers that be, that you don’t accidently double-tap! If you’re going to creep, you might as well broaden your horizon with these stalk-worthy pages.

Artistic Photography:

Forrest, sunflowers, and everyday models, OH MY! Here are two accounts that are kicking butts and taking photos! Auburn’s own Cheyenne Dalton @cheyennedalton and account name “Dustyfoot” @africanist both take pictures that make you want to buy a $500 Nikon and try your hand at capturing every beautiful moment in life… like they do!


The Guys and Girls You Wish You Were:

Here are a couple of angels sent down from Heaven, and they were given the heavy burden of slaying our Instagram timelines on a daily basis! We have two well-known Jasmine’s (Jasmine Sanders @golden_barbie and Jasmine Tookes @jastookes ) that have us ready to find the perfect light to take that typically “Just Chilling” selfie. As for our Greek gods, we have the dreamy Lucien Laviscount @its_lucien and Tobias Sorsensen @thesorensen! Follow them now, you’ll thank me later!


Outfit Ideas:

Don’t you just HATE when you have all the right pieces, but you just don’t know what to wear them with!? Here are your Insta-solutions! Accounts like Lulu’s @lulus and  Matches Fashion @matchesfashion have created pages to guide us in the dreaded sport of “making outfits”.



How badly do you want “The Look”? I’m not quit sure what “The Look” is, but whatever it is, I’m sure our girls RayeRaye @itsmyrayeraye and Leanne @leannelimwalker can help you achieve it. They are beautiful with and without the cake, and they work MAGIC with all sorts of makeup tools (I also dropped the link to their YouTube channels…  again, you’re welcome!).



Now that I have supplied you with the accounts, go forth and creep! You're guaranteed to be distracted from all responsilbilities for at least 24 hours! HCXO