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Things That All Girls Who Dislike Winter Understand

With the announcement from Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog that we should expect six more weeks of winter (because he's totally a reliable source, right?), we collegiettes in the south brace ourselves for the cold weather in the weeks ahead. If you're anything like me, you live in the south for one reason and one reason alone, to escape the cold. So with this terrible news that we will continue to freeze for at least six more weeks, I thought I would share a few things that all girls that dislike winter understand...

 You are constantly cold. 


 At some point, everyone on campus has gotten sick. 


Leaving your nice warm bed, getting out of the shower, or leaving your heated car is the worst.

 Even though it doesn't happen very often, icy windshields are too time-consuming to even defrost. But seriously, no one has time for that.

 Our season of winter weather in the south really does whatever it wants, when it wants.

The sun is still setting super early and that makes you super unproductive and lazy


However, do not be discouraged, collegiette, because as soon as winter's fury has ceased, spring will be upon us! And I think we all know what that means... Spring Break!

Samantha is currently a freshman at Auburn University and is currently studying pre-veterinary medicine with a minor in journalism. Samantha has a passion not only for animals, but also for people and loves to use writing as a way to reach out to others. She can be described as being spunky, driven, and generous. A few of her favorite things consist of the Auburn Creed, dogs, women in history, and lovely words. 
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