Survive the Semester in Style

The end of the semester is coming... we promise! This is around the time when you are finding it hard to care, like care about studying past 10:30 p.m. or eating healthy. Even accessorizing seems like a burden instead of a display of style. The Survial Kit has blessed us with items that will help you survive the last weeks of the semester in style and in great health. 


Stay healthy these next 5 weeks with AZO Cranberry Gummies. AZO aims to promote a healthy urinary tract, so with just two gummies, you can get the benefits of drinking a glass of cranberry juice. Although there are plenty, do not exceed two gummies in one day because of the dosage of Pacran. Push through this semester and make it to summer with a healthy urinary tract.  


Despite it being the end of the academic year, this is one of the most pleasant seasons of the year. The flowers bloom, the birds are singing and everything just comes back to life after a harsh winter. As beautiful as that sounds, spring also has its own problems. There’s pollen in the air, dust and a lot of extra wind. But with the Vera Bradley wristlet, you can have a nice place to keep your allergy medicines for emergencies. Paired with a CEA sanitizer clip to keep your hands clean and germ-free, you will be well prepared to weather a college day.


Caution: We are dangerously close to giving up on wearing makeup around this time of the year. To avoid looking like a zombie after living in your study space for 8 hours, swipe on some Milani's eyeliner. Milani's comes in five shimmery colors that are sure to make your eyes pop and rejuvenate your face.


Are you  t h i s  close to transfering? Are you in desperate need of new scenery? Think about studying abroad! CEA Study Abroad is a scholarship program that provides students with several service and academic opportunities. You can leave your loveable, yet boring campus behind for a semester and set sails to over 20 destinations around the world. CEA's adventure apps have handy tools that will help you adjust to your new home, such as currency converters and Google translate.


Text Message from your best friend reads, "Quick! I just ran out of tigercard money, and I need a tall vanilla latte to get me through the day!" Circle Pay App makes sending money as easy as sending an email or text message. You can even make international payments. It is instant, safe and secure. Circle Pay is free and there are no fees required. And let's be honest, who doesn’t like free stuff?


Vera Bradley has a multitude of bags, but with this one in particular, you can be studious and fabulous. It’s large enough to hold your books, laptop, and even snacks if you’re about that life –-I know I am. Look stylish on your way to class or while devoting your life to RBD. Also, as the end of the semester quickly approaches, this brightly colored beauty is easily converted to a beach tote.