Spring Break Tanning Tips

Spring break is finally around the corner and if you are anything like me, you have been working all winter long for that perfect spring-break bod and have 15 Target bikinis in mind to show it off. There’s only one thing missing--the tan.  With more than half of college students using an indoor tanning bed every year, it is easy to follow the bandwagon. Unfortunately, constant use of the bed can get pricey and become damaging to your skin, so we came up with a few alternatives:  


For an instant solution:

Try an instant tanning spray. It is cheaper than taking trips for a spray tan and they look just as natural. Tanning sprays are super easy to apply and can be done in the comfort of your own home. To apply: use a tanning glove (or if you do not have one, a sock will work just as well!) and apply in even strokes all over your body.  Instant sprays give a dramatic change right away, so you will not have to worry about reapplying every night.

TIP: Do not apply more than 2-3 times a week.  Constant reapplication will end in a streaky and uneven tan; keep it minimal and apply the spray once or twice a week! 


For gradual color:

Think about using a gradual tanning lotion. This will allow you to build your tan to your desired color, rather than hitting your skin with a dramatic change.  To apply: use your hands to apply small amounts evenly all over your body. Wash your hands immediately after and wait a few minutes before putting your clothes back on to avoid stains from the color.  Once you reach your desired color, take a break from the lotion and re-apply when you’re ready for more!

TIP: exfoliating your skin beforehand can make for a deeper and longer-lasting tan! Try showering and exfoliating in the morning and applying the tanning lotion at night.  Your skin will have time for your moisturizer to sink in and your tanning lotion will set over night. 


For an instant but less permanent tan:

Use something like a “one night only” lotion, towelettes or just a bronzing powder.  This will allow you to have your desired color for your girls night out--and it will all be gone after a shower. Apply to your face for a quick pop of color and add to your shoulders and legs for a temporary fix.

TIP:  Use highlighter on your shoulders for an extra pop; it will make the bronze stand out and you will glow every time you step into the sun!


Here’s to a happy and golden spring break!