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Spring Break Need To Have Items!

Spring Break is about to begin! Now that the countdown is over, time to pack! In your midst of excitement, there is always a little panic about remembering all the necessities.  Whether you are hitting the beach, cruising in the Bahamas, or just laying by the pool in your home town, we are here to help you remember everything on your list.  Spring Break is for fun in the sun so all you really need are the basics.  Remember you are going to be in your little polka dot bikini most of the time so pack lightly!

Everyone needs a simple pair of flip flops.  They are easy to wear when just chilling out or to walk on the beach and they are an easy thing to pack.  They are light weight and thin so they fit in your suitcase easily.  You can get simple flips flops from almost anywhere and in any color: solid or print.  Buy a pair in a solid that will match anything or go a little crazy and buy a fun print.  Here are just a few solid flip flops from Old Navy for only $3.50 each or $2.50 each if you buy 2 or more! Now that’s a great deal!!

Gemma  Sandal from Alloy.com.  You will also need a pair of fancier sandals to wear those days you dress up to go out for lunch on the beach or if you are having dinner one night and just don’t feel like wearing a pair of heels.  These are comfortable, but still fashionable and are a good price on Alloy.com.  They are 1 pair for $14.90, 2 for $12.90 each, or 3 or more for $9.90 each.  This price is increased a little bit from the basic flip flop but it is completely worth the buy.

This Kensie Girl “Kenwood” Espadrille Wedge can be found at Famous Footwear and is only $29.99.  These wedges are great because they are heels but have a beachy feel to them because they are open toed and made of straw.  The neutral color is great to stick with because it matches a lot and it is important to pack the least amount possible on your trip; just bring a pair that will go well with a bunch of different outfits.    

A bikini is an essential for Spring Break.  Bathing suits are the most fun because you can mix and match solids and prints.  However many bottoms and tops you already have, switching it up will double that.  Mix and matching will save you a lot of money and space in your suitcase when packing for a trip. This bikini is a cute but casual Victoria Secret top and bottom with a jeweled center on the top half. 

My suggestion would be to bring a pair of sunglasses that are not your name brand, favorite, “go to” sunglasses just in case something were to happen to them on Spring Break.   Pansun has some amazing sunglasses for just $14.50 each and 2 for $20.  They carry many different colors and shapes.  Go grab them before everyone snatches them up!

A tote bag/ beach bag is a HAVE TO HAVE item for any beach trip.  The few things that need to be carried throughout the day are magazines, sunscreen, tanning oil, a beach towel, a few snacks and water while you’re out for the day by the ocean. This is a cute High Seas Canvas Bag from Forever 21 for a great price of $20.80.

This Wet Seal dress is perfect for either a day out shopping or a night on the boat for dinner.  The thing to keep in mind when packing for spring break is that specific clothing items that can be worn for different events and times of the day are a must bring! This will keep your suitcase light and still give you plenty of options to choose from.  This dress is short which gives it sex appeal but still very classy with the train in the back and the Feather Printed Tube Dress is only $32.50. 

Everyone always needs to carry a pair of denim shorts with them.  They are very practical and can be worn with many different outfits.  This is another staple item that can be found about anywhere and in many different washes so have fun with it! These are just a pair of simple Gap Rolled Denim shorts for $26.95.

Cover ups can be found in many places for many different price ranges.  The ones from Victoria Secret are of very good quality and that is why they cost more.  This Floral Print Cover-up Dress has a short bloused over skirt portion of the dress and also a deepening neck line.  It is going for $48. 

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