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Songs the Radio Doesn’t (and won’t!) Play


1. Islands in the Stream-Constantines and Feist

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The pairing of vocals in this cover of Kenny Roger and Dolly Parton’s hit, “Islands in the Stream”, is sensational. While they take some pretty drastic artistic liberties it’s a fresh take on a classic. This is a great song to have on in the background while studying or falling asleep.

2. Scale it Back ft. Little Dragon (robotaki remix)-DJ Shadow

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DJ Shadow has been waving in and out of popularity since 1991, you may be familiar with his single “Midnight in a Perfect World”. This is more pop sounding than his usual tracks but it has a great beat.

3. Wintered Debts-Of Montreal

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In typical Of Montreal style, the playful lyrics go back and forth from philosophical thoughts on human nature to insignificant blips of being inebriated—“while I tried to call you from a bathroom in Sao Paolo, but I was too drunk to formulate any sort of earthy language”—they succeed again in a truly unique new track.

4. Hell of a Season-The Black Keys

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Usually songs with such a repetitious beat get old quickly but The Black Keys manage to turn these somewhat melancholy lyrics into an uplifting hit in time for the holidays.
5. June is Soon-5 & a Dime

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A great song to play while getting ready with the girls or while on the way downtown. Sounds like Pretty Lights with a bit more rap to it. Or, great to play while celebrating the end of finals and the crucially lovely period before the grades are sent home!

*You know, the ones who made the phrase ‘so mainstream’ become mainstream


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Artsy video, trippy at times, edgy beat, vocals bordering on falsetto… a hipster’s paradise.


Top of the Pops 2011 (What The F***)- Mash up Germany

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Since it covers all the songs you couldn’t get out of your head from the past twelve months it’s a winner to play at parties with a diverse crowd (a.k.a. your friends, your ‘niends’, non friends, that random guy in your math class who helped you all semester, the December boyfriend whose music taste you have yet to decipher….)
Ready, Able-Grizzly Bear

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No words can describe this animated video. Truly remarkable. Anyone who has worked with clay or computer animation should give some serious props!

You Got Skrillex Hair-Skrillex

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of dubstep. Which makes it even more appreciable that Skrillex isn’t too full of himself to make jokes about the criticisms toward him or his genre. Music video is quite entertaining as well.

Emma Beckwith is an undecided pre-communications major at Auburn University. You can email her for more song suggestions at esb0007@tigermail.auburn.edu

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