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The Rousteing Return of Balmain

From the Kardashians to Jane Fonda, Olivier Rousteing has dressed a range of big-name stars that are influential in their style choices. In 2011, Rousteing took on the role of creative director for the French luxury fashion house, Balmain. Rousteing has recently announced his newest launch of the Balmain brand. In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, he said, “I’m looking to bring back the Parasian DNA.” This launch is meant to return Balmain to its roots of Paris, France where the Couture house began. Supposedly, the debut for this collection will be next January. While we await the launch of Balmain fashion history, the most recent Spring/Summer collection is worth admiring as it is to die for!

Rousteing started off the Spring/Summer Women’s 2019 Runway Show with pure white looks that are absolutely jaw dropping. He incorporates the color into the looks along more modern and geometric cuts. These new styles and details are a wonderful component of the collection; but honestly, nothing can top his classic denim looks. In this collection, Balmain created its own twist on the MC Hammer pants. Okay, how much better can life really get?

Here I am thinking – nothing tops MC Hammer. I was wrong. Rousteing can make dressing like a mummy highly desirable to the fashion community. Rousteing is a designer that incorporates all the glitz a girl could ask for as seen with his dress completely covered in crystals. The Spring/Summer designs are ready-to-wear and always just enough for the fashion lover. Now, if this collection doesn’t get you excited for his Parisian styled launch, I’m not sure what will. All I can say is thank God for Olivier Rousteing!  



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