Rodeo Survival Tips

This year's Alpha Psi Rodeo has brought many changes, but regardless of whether you can ride in the back of a truck or not it's important to stay safe this Saturday! A day-long party can be tons of fun, but as we learned in elementary school, safety first. 

Sunscreen is a Must

Being in the hot sun all day can take a huge toll on your complexion, and if you're daydrinking it's going to be hard to notice if you're burning. Remember to pack sunscreen (the higher SPF, the better) so you don't end up like a lobster. And reapply regularly, even if you need to set a reminder on your phone.

Drinks TONS of Water. Literally, tons. 

Alcohol dehydrates you. Being in the sun dehydrates you. Add the two together, and Rodeo means you are being doubly-dehydrated, and that never ends well. Bring a case of water if you need to, but make sure you are getting plenty of H2O. Throw some Gatorade in your cooler for electrolytes--you'll make it through the day much more easily if you do. 

Stick Together

A good chunk of the student body attends Rodeo, so make sure to stay with your friends. Finding cell service is nearly impossible once you're on the farm, and if you get separated from your group that could be the end of your fun. The buddy system really does work and now is the time to use it!

Know Your Limits


Daydrinking can be a slippery slope. Some people can chug beers all day and rock out to Brad Paisley that night, but if you're not one of those people do not push yourself. Rodeo is not a drinking competition--you don't want to have spent $50 on a ticket and much more on alcohol and an outfit just to end up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. Pace yourself, understand your limits, and respond adequately to them. Remember: it's a marathon, not a sprint.  

And most importantly, have fun!