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College is a different experience for everyone. No one is really sure what to expect going into their freshman year, even if it seems like some people have it all figured out. Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick surely didn’t expect to become a famous duo after meeting each other while attending Tufts College. The two met at a college party where Cal ended up freestyling over Rob’s beat boxing. Rob invited Cal to join a band known as The Ride. The Ride soon dissolved due to members of the band graduating. Cal and Rob went on to record different songs together and from that came the now popular duo, Timeflies. Timeflies’s popularity grew as they posted videos on YouTube. Each Tuesday they upload a video titled “Timeflies Tuesday”. Most of them are covers, but they also do freestyles and originals. Cal’s freestyling ability is something that isn’t seen a lot in the music industry today. He can take anything and turn it into a rap song. Below is a video Timeflies did a while back. Watch as Cal freestyles as he pulls a topic out of a bowl!



I was lucky enough to go to their concert in Atlanta this past November and was blown away. At one point Cal asked the audience for random topics and freestyled them as he received them. The topics the audience gave him were everything from Georgia to McDonald’s! Cal somehow made every topic relate to one another. Timeflies popularity is growing more and more every day. Be sure to check out their videos on YouTube. Their music and new single ‘All The Way’ are available on iTunes!


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