Post-Spring Break Stressors

Spring Break has come and gone for most of us millennials, and we are surely all feeling the stress of the final weeks of the semester. The fun seems like it's over with the piles of assignments surrounding you, work and extracurricular responsibilities, and the task of looking for summer or post-grad employment. How do we wade through all of the April showers to see the May flowers that lie beyond finals?

School Stressors

There really is no way to avoid the "oh sh**-the semester is almost over" assignments professors throw at you in the last month of classes. The best way to handle these issues is to make a detailed to-do list: how many assignments you have, the exact requirements, due dates, and exam dates. Color-coding will help immensely with your stress level, and planning ahead means you can schedule in time to relax.

Social Stressors

With the final crunch of school work comes the deterioration of your social calendar. It’s sad, but you have to be realistic when it comes to your class work. If you have two papers and a test next week, going to specials Friday and Saturday night might not be the best idea. Remember, we’re in college for the degree. The nights out are just part of the fun. 

Extracurricular Stressors

Your organization leader is a student too, yet they are still taking charge of their responsibilities and doing their best. Despite everything going on in April, it’s important to remember why you joined the organizations in the first place to stay dedicated. As for jobs, your boss doesn’t really care that your professor decided to assign an extra essay or that you have four exams next week. Welcome to the real world, where your life outside of work doesn’t really matter.

Employment Stressors

Finding a summer job or post-grad position can be incredibly stressful. The best way to minimize the number of freak-outs is to utilize your resources! Check out the Career Center, surf the countless internship sites on the web, and ask your advisors and favorite professors. There are so many potential jobs waiting, you just have to know where to find them. And don’t forget—just because it’s not the ideal position doesn’t mean you should pass up on it. A paycheck is a paycheck, and your employment there doesn’t have to be forever! 


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