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Opinion: Why We Should Vote No for Amendment 2

In light of current events, it has become increasingly evident that we, as women, have not only a right but a duty to make our voices heard.

Each election cycle, voters are given the opportunity to weigh in not only on leadership candidates but on new policies and laws that govern us.  November 6 will allow us the ability to voice our opinions through our votes. Alabama is facing an especially trying time this election cycle.

Amendment 2, an incredible incendiary motion, has been placed on the ballot this November. This constitutional amendment paves the way to outlaw all abortion and provides no exceptions for rape, incest, or risk of life/health of mothers. As voters and residents of the state of Alabama, it’s incredibly important to be informed on all amendments and candidates on the ballot.

Voting no on Amendment 2 can help protect the future of Women’s Health Care in this state and solidify state-wide protections of women’s right to choice and bodily autonomy.  

Jada Norford

Auburn '21

Jada Norford is a Junior at Auburn University double majoring in Nursing and Philosophy with a minor in Women's Studies.
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