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The Newest Eagle of Our Eye: Tiensae Teshome

Auburn University fosters dreams and provides the means to make those dreams a reality. Eagle Eye, a student ran televison station that produces its own news, sports, and talk show, has a new station manager, Tiensae Teshome. 

Age: 19 

Major: Media studies with a minor in marketing

What sparked your interest in production? When I was younger, my parents actually chose not to get cable television, so all I would watch was channels that came through antennas: ABC, NBC and CBS. I would always come home to watch the nightly news with my parents, and by the time I was 9, I knew that I wanted to work in television. I had a soft spot for news television, but as I grew up, my interests shifted away from news and being an on-air anchor. My interest began to center around television as a whole. Working with Eagle Eye has really helped me find out exactly what I’d like to do with my major, which is produce and direct. I really love working behind the camera, writing, directing, and watching my final product.

How did you get involved with Eagle Eye? I found out about it at Camp War Eagle and joined within my first month at Auburn. There was an opening for assistant news director to produce a weekly news show. I applied on a whim, and honestly didn’t think I’d get it since I was only a freshman, but I did! Working as an assistant really taught me what goes into a show from both sides.

What is a station manager? So as station manager, I am basically responsible for creating a staff for our station. Other duties include making sure that we are accessible to new members and to our campus. I work with a staff of 11 student directors to make sure that we have everything covered from news to entertainment to marketing. Station manager is essentially the same as being the president of an organization.

What did you see yourself doing in five years? I see myself behind a camera and working as a producer. I love everything that goes into a production, and I hope that I can be a part of a team that produces content that will make your television light up every day.


Terea Abernathy is a Senior at Auburn University, majoring in Theatre: Production Design & Technology with a Studio Art minor. She loves all things art related which as transferred into her writing and her art. War Eagle!
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