New Sorority on Campus: Tri Sigma

Tri Sigma makes its appearance on Auburn University's campus this fall, and time is running out to sign up. The Auburn University chapter will be the first chapter in the state of Alabama, so new members will be making history! Plus, you could be a member of the same sorority as Carrie Underwood if you run to Tri Sigma on Bid Day.


According to Sigma Sigma Sigma's Recruitment Facebook Application, there are a few boxes you need to check to be considered for this new sorority. Prospective members will need a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA and need to be a full-time student. It is recommended to attend a Meet Tri Sigma event, but the last chance to attend passed earlier today. No need to worry though, because you still have the chance to register for a Personal Meeting for a chance to meet them. Registration opened a couple of weeks ago and closes tomorrow.

Dates To Know

Although the three Meet Tri Sigma events have passed, there are still two very important events coming around the corner (as seen on their application homepage).

Sisterhood Night: This invitation-only event is the last event before bids are distributed, and will be a fun night full of new friendships and "ritual-like ceremonies." The event will be held on August 28th at 7:00 p.m.

Bid Day: On August 29th, a celebration will be held for the recruits who now have a new group of girls to call sisters. Bid Day will be held at 5:00 p.m.

Why This Is Important

Out of the 1,480 young women who participated in Auburn's recruitment week this fall, only 1,303 girls received their bids and the opportunities to run to their new sororities (source). While this is an excellent turnout, it still means that there were 177 girls who didn't run and squeal and get paraded with hugs from their new sisters. Since Tri Sigma is new on campus and did not participate in formal recruitment, these girls still have a chance to experience Greek Life. Opportunities also arise for upperclassmen in Auburn who did not go through Rush Week as freshmen or who did not receive bids years ago. These upperclassmen get the chance to spend their last year or two getting the Greek Life experience that they did not receive in their earlier years of college, for whatever reasons.

If you decide that Tri Sigma is an organization you want to be a part of, your time is running out to submit an application. You can go to to learn more information and submit your application before tomorrow ends.