Melting the Spring Sizzle Away

In spirit of Spring Break around the corner, lets talk sweet treats… Ice cream! If youre not a true cold and creamy treat lover, then you need to get with it girl. I mean, come on, there’s way more to love than just chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Don’t get me wrong, those classics is where its at, but if that’s all youre about… BORING!

Get out of your comoftt zone and try a crazy new flavor like cottoncandy explosion or red velvet cheesecake. To legit ice cream lovers, those flavors are probably super basic but to you newbies out there, here’s a tantalizing treat. Spice up the heat by trying new ways to ice cream this 2018!


Rolled Ice Cream

If you haven’t tried rolled ice cream yet, I’m gonna need for you to get your head out of the gutter ASAP! Rolled ice cream is amazing because: 1. Its cool watching it being made, and 2. It tastes even better than a normal scoop of Blue Bell. Rolled Ice cream is becoming more popular and is popping up everywhere. Next time youre in the Atlanta area be sure to check some out. An ice cream based liquid is poured onto a cold metal surface that is cold enough to make the base freeze. With the base, you can choose mix ins of nearly anything you can think of and watch as its being chopped with the base on the metal surface. Choose some toppings to spice it up, then Voila, rolled ice cream!


Ice Cream Tacos

Yes. A taco. Minus the shredded lettuce, cheese, and sour cream though (unless that’s what you prefer…)! If you enjoy waffle cones, theres no reason you shouldn’t crave an ice cream taco! The shell is your waffle, add your ice cream and there you have, yet another masterpiece! Put a twist on it by flavoring your cone. A crunchy cone is sooo 2016, get even twistier by trying it Belgian waffle style


Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Mayfield's famous ice cream sandwiches are bomb BUT what about a two homemade cookies with a scoop crazy flavor smashed in the middle?! For my cookie cravers, try chocolate chip cookies with cookies and cream ice cream between. Disneyland makes some pretty delectable ice cream sandwiches.