Making Up for Finals Week

Finals week is upon us.

We need those sweat pants, baseball caps, and ugly tshirts more than ever. You have enough going on as is—there is no need to be a fashion diva this week. There are several ways to style yourself during this tragic time in our lives, and one of those ways is to do your makeup. With an outfit, you can spend half an hour throwing things out of your closet and making a big mess in your room. There is always a cuter top, cute pants, purses and accessories to be worn, but you can never go wrong with makeup. Even if you are rocking the sleepless-hobo get up, your face will shine, and Rimmel London US is giving you the tools to shine. The Her Campus Holiday Surivial Kit is chalk full of makeup freebies that are quick, easy to apply and perfect for all nighters.

The new Volume Flash ScandalEyes Mascara not only brightens your eyes, but it plumps each lash. No faux lashes will be able to match up to this look. The two step, 16hr Kiss Proof Lip Colour, in Make Your Move, is everything and more. You will probably be in the library for 16 hours anyway, so why not look like the Goddess you were born to be? Its Lock & Shine gloss coat makes sure your colour does not go anywhere. That’s two cups and coffee, four bags of hot Cheetos, and a sandwich later, and your lips are just as vibrant as the first swipe. Bronzer is always an option. It’s a product that can be used as a contour for fairer skin tones or a highlight for tones of darker skin tones. Either way, the Natural Bronzer, water proof bronzing powder works wonders. It’s a soft shimmery power that falls on the skin perfectly and its water proof formula will hold up through all the tears and stress of finals week!

Am I Study Group approved?

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