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A Letter to my College Best Friend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Auburn chapter.

Dear College Best Friend, 

I’m sure you got tired of hearing all about the memories, endless laughs and inside jokes that I shared with my best friends back home. Every time I saw something that reminded me of them, I would tell you a story starting with “my best friend back home and I…” but after 4 years of bonding, crying and studying together, you have become an integral part of my life. I may not have always known, but you were always right there beside me when I needed you the most. They say that college is for finding your bridesmaids, not your groom and I absolutely believe that now. We now have our own inside jokes, our favorite go-to restaurants and weekly pizza/Disney movie dates. You are always down to go to Target when I need random things to waste money on or are willing to spend hours in Dillard’s, hunting for the perfect special occasion dress. If it’s Thursday night, you can probably find us sharing wings at B-dubs or Sunday’s trying to “study” at Mell. You are a rock for me to lean on, someone to encourage my silliness, and when the stress of college just gets to be too much, you never let my light dim. You are my alarm clock on test days, my ride on rainy days, and a voice of reason when I’m having a freak out. Sometimes we just sit together on the couch, doing nothing but scrolling through Instagram, but that time together is time well spent. In a few short weeks we will be graduating and having to say goodbye all too soon; but just like my “best friends back home” are still there for me, I know that you will also be there. Because you too, have become my best friend. 


Your Best Friend 

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