The Last Month of Senior Year, As Told by Nick Miller

We're in the homestretch of spring semester, and the end is nigh for us seniors! We have less four weeks left in our undergraduate careers and emotions are at an all-time high. Am I ready to leave? Do I have a job? Will I have to live in a box on the side of the street? WHY didn't I take a victory lap?! Millions of questions are whizzing through our minds amongst the endless assignments we still have left to complete. How are we going to do it all? The answers aren't that simple, and Nick Miller understands our dilemma.

When you realize there is less than a month left in college 



You start to get excited because, no more assignments! So much free time! 



But then you realize, jobs and bills and all of those adult things take up a lot more time than homework 



Your professors keep reminding you of the assignments you have left before graduation


And you start to think the homeless life sounds pretty great



Then you realize how great it will be to live on your own 



And when you're a college graduate you get to make your own rules, without any input from your parents



But then you think about how much you're going to miss your roommates and friends




Your parents tell you to chill out, that everything will be fine 


But they just don't understand how badly you want to hang out with your friends and your homework won't let you 




The simplest tasks become major chores because you don't know what's happening 




You begin to regress to freshman year and increase your alcohol intake




The days pass by quickly, and you don't know if you'll make it through




You instruct all your friends and family on what to do if you don't survive



But then the storm passes, and you begin to find happiness again 


College may be over soon, but the memories are forever. 





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