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It’s Starting to Look A lot Like Fall on the Plains

Now that summer is officially behind us, the semester will only pick up speed from here; the fall feeling is in full swing and with that comes cooler weather, changing leaves and football. Here are five ways to tell that the Plains have officially welcomed students back to campus after a long, lonely summer, without them.

1. Traffic, traffic, traffic

Not only cars but also pedestrians. Everywhere. The city of Auburn has officially stepped out of its summer hiatus and is teeming with all 25,000 students once again. However, most year-round residents welcome this sight.

2. Football is back

It’s definitely not unusual to wear an Auburn jersey year round but it is quite a special site to see when students wear their jerseys with pride, in every day situations. It’s also a great way to get pumped up for Saturday’s game!

3. Pumpkin spice everything

After Labor Day, everyone makes a complete 180; it’s no longer about beach towels and bathing suits break out the PSL and scarves. Even though the warm weather says otherwise, the start of fall semester means welcoming back our favorite orange gourd. 

4.  New food trucks

While the students spent their summers away from Auburn, restaurants in town stayed busy by brainstorming new ideas. Fall semester is when many new food trucks make their debut on campus. Expect to see some classics parked around campus, like Smooth n Groove but also welcome the newbies, Amsterdam food truck.

5. The leaves

In the fall, the entire atmosphere around campus changes. The cooler weather puts everyone in a good mood and when the leaves start changing, expect to see a ton of people picnicking on Samford Lawn, trying to get the perfect Instagram shot of the leaves #fall. 

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