International Candy You Don't Realize You Need in Your Life

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Is there a thing as too much candy? For someone with a sweet tooth as large as mine, the answer is a big no. I'm always craving something sweet, whether it's candy, cookies, cake, or ice cream (even when it's December and the weather is freezing). I have Mexican heritage on both sides of my family, so I grew up eating Mexican sweets along with the American ones. But once I got to college, one of my best friends I met at Auburn was from Hong Kong and told me her favorite candy was called White Rabbits. I ordered some for her birthday, and when I tasted it I knew I needed to branch out on my sweet treat endeavors to taste delicious candy from all over the world. While I haven't tried all the ones on this list, it's a goal of mine to be able to indulge in them at least once in my life, along with others I have yet to discover. Take your taste buds on a journey through the many different flavors and textures of the world and perhaps you'll find a new favorite candy as well!

HI-CHEW, Japan

This candy is has a chewy texture that is bursting with real fruit flavor. It's similar to caramels but also gum, and has been a hit in Japan and around the world for years. Flavors include grape, cherry, banana, strawberry, mango, green apple, but also has sour flavors (lemon, lime and grapefruit), Fizzies (cola and orange soda) and Bites (strawberry and grape, mango and orange). It's also cholesterol free, gluten free, has 0g trans fat, contains no artificial colors and is made with real fruit juices and purees. You can get a 30 ounce bag of assorted flavors (grape, mango, strawberry, and green apple) for $13.49 on Amazon.

Violet Crumble, Australia

This candy has a honeycomb center covered in milk chocolate. The "Violet" part of the name is influenced by the creator's wife who loved the color purple and the flower violets. You can get a pack of 6 bars for $18.99 on Amazon.


Curly Wurly, United Kingdom

This candy is a twisted treat of caramel covered in chocolate. A U.S. version of this candy eventually transformed into Snickers! You can get a pack of 20 bars for $9.99 on Amazon.


White Rabbit Creamy Candy, China

This candy is similar in texture to a Tootsie Roll, but it's vanilla flavored and covered in an edible rice paper. Their slogan is "Seven White Rabbit candies is equivalent to one cup of milk." You can get a pack of 6 bags for $14.90 on Amazon.


Elite Milk Chocolate Bar With Pop Rocks, Israel

This candy is milk chocolate mixed in with popping candy. Elite is Israel's top-selling candy brand, and I bet you can see why! You can get a 12 pack for $19.96 on Amazon.

Pocky Biscuit Sticks, Japan

This candy is a biscuit stick dipped in chocolate and other flavors. Beyond a few classic flavors, there are tons of seasonal and specialty flavors such as kiwifruit mango, melon, apple yogurt, and tomato! You can get a variety pack of 5 different flavors (Chocolate, Strawberry, Matcha, Cookies and Cream, and Chocolate Banana) for $13.73 on Amazon.

Cadbury Crunchie Chocolate Bar, United Kingdom

This candy is a honeycomb toffee center covered in milk chocolate. In past years, specialty and holiday flavors included lemonade, champagne, and bourbon. You can get a pack of 4 bars for $14.99 on Amazon.

Arnott's Tim Tam, Australia

This treat is two malted biscuits with a chocolate cream filling in between and then all of it covered in chocolate. While this isn't a candy necessarily, it deserves to be included in the list. You can get a value pack for $14.99 on Amazon.

Marabou Mjolkchoklad, Sweden

While this is a plain milk chocolate bar, the brand Marabou's chocolate recipe has been delighting fans since 1916. The brand was founded by a Norwegian chocolatier who found success prior to Marabou by using the same chocolate recipe for a different brand in Norway. You can get a single bar for $9.75 on Amazon.

De La Rosa Marzipan Peanut Candy, Mexico

This candy is a small disk made of peanuts and sugar. When I was younger, these were some of my favorites, even though it's almost impossible to open without crumbling the whole thing to pieces. You can get a box of 30 for $8.29 on Amazon.

Saft Goldbären (Haribo Juicy Gold Bears), Germany

These candies are similar to the regular Haribo gummy bears we know and love, except these are made with more fruit juice to intensify the flavors. This version also offers different fruit flavors such as lime, peach, pear, apple, raspberry and black current. You can get a 450 gram resealable bag for $9.13 on Amazon.


Meiji Strawberry Chocolate Bar, Japan

This candy is made with a blend of real strawberries and cocoa and it has pieces of the strawberry in it. The color of it is a very cute pastel pink with speckles of darker pink, which makes it delicious and adorable. You can get a single bar for $3.98 on Amazon.

Carambar Caramel Candies, France

This candy is small sticks of caramel that make it similar to both a Sugar Daddy and Tootsie Roll. Each wrapper has a joke on it, so you can have a treat and entertainment! You can get a 320 gram bag for $11.85 on Amazon.