How To Use Your Winter Break To The Fullest

We’re almost done, people! Finals are here and it’s time to use those big brains to ace those exams! With winter break in less than a week, I’m sure some of you (including me) may not know how to spend these three weeks away from campus. I always tell myself I don’t want to stay cooped up inside in front of my laptop, but alas, that always seems to happen on long breaks like these. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to have some relaxing alone time, but spending three days in bed without going outside isn’t very healthy, mentally or physically. So, here are some ideas for what you and your friends can do this Christmas break to make the most of your time before next semester.


1. Girl's Night/Christmas Movie Marathon

One of my favorite things to do with my friends from home is have a sleepover. We have the whole night to talk about what we’ve been doing at our separate schools and just catch up on life. We also love to get into the Christmas spirit by watching a ton of holiday movies and eating sweets. All you need is some blankets, your favorite movies and your girls!


2. Mini Road Trip To The Next Town Over

This can mean going to a cute little town with boutiques and farmers markets 45 minutes away or going an hour or two to Nashville and walking down Broadway Street with the Christmas lights gleaming. I may or may not be doing the latter this Christmas. But really, looking up cool spots you’ve never explored and going with your friends is so fun, and you may even meet new people along the way.


3. Go To The Mall (But Don’t Shop)

This may sound weird, but one of the things my broke college friends and I love to do is go to the mall, maybe splurge on some Chinese food and just walk around. The mall in my town is always decorated so beautiful for Christmas and I love to hear the music playing as I walk around. Sometimes it's just nice to go into stores and look around; mess around with your friends and try on some crazy outfits, or go on the carousel and pretend to be a kid again!


4. Impromptu Photo Shoot

All you need is your cute self, your phone and a pretty background. My friends and I love to take pictures; we get all dressed up and do our makeup together and go to find a pretty place to shoot. You can go to your local park, you can go downtown or even go in your backyard. You get to practice your poses, and even get some cute Instagram pictures out of it too.


5. Volunteer

There are tons of places you can volunteer this holiday season. One way is to find a local church or shelter you can work with to serve Christmas dinner to people. There’s nothing better than being able to give someone a warm, home cooked meal that they usually wouldn’t be able to afford.