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How to Overcome a Shopping Addiction

If you’re anything like me then you have finally been forced to admit that you need to control your shopping addiction. If you’re struggling to shut your closet doors and your credit card bills are piled high to the ceiling, then it’s time to get a grip on your shopping habit. Most of us love shopping, but it can become a serious problem. Here are 4 tips on how to control your shopping addiction …



To many people, shopping has become a popular leisure activity. If it’s your default setting, then you need to find alternative pastimes. It’s very easy to decide you fancy a look around the mall, and end up going home with $100 of clothing … again. There are much more interesting and fulfilling ways to spend your time, such as exercising, going to the movies, perhaps even cleaning. At this point, be willing to do anything than drop this month’s paycheck at the mall.



Having to leave your credit card behind can put anyone in a frenzy, but cash is the better option if you have a hard time resisting temptation. If you need to go shopping for essentials, such as groceries or household items, then calculate how much money you’ll need ahead of time. That’s how much you NEED, not how much you WANT to spend. Then leave your cards at home.



Shopping at thrift stores is a fantastic way of suppressing the urge to shop. If you absolutely need to splurge on some “new” purchases without spending too much money, this is the way to go. But since you’re aiming to conquer your shopping addiction, this does not mean buy simply because everything is cheap. Learn to set limits.



Do you have the urge to buy an outfit for a party, a couple of shirts for work, or a dress for … well let’s face it, something for any occasion? Before you hit the mall, put down that wallet and head to your closet. Chances are that you have any number of clothing that will do just fine for the event. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll probably find something with the tags still on it.

Taylor is a Junior studying journalism with a Spanish minor at Auburn University, and after graduation plans to attend law school to pursue a career in fim focusing on legal affairs. In addition, Taylor is also a member of the Kappa Upsilon chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. When she isn't doing school work, she enjoys binge watching Grey's Anatomy, working out, and shopping. Some of her favorite things include traveling, going to concerts, and going out with her line sisters.
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