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Hit the Carlton Davis!

You know that mini heart attack you’ve just experienced while watching the Iron Bowl that may or may not have led you to cardiac arrest? Yeah, well, that’s Auburn football for you. Despite the upset Saturday, this season of football has consisted of a whirlwind of events ranging from an endless amount of 11 a.m. games, tough losses to unexpected wins, and constant quarterback changes between Jeremy Johnson and Sean White. However, if you’re a true Auburn fan like you claim to be, and have been keeping up with Auburn football, you should have noticed starting cornerback and true freshman, Carlton Davis, as he constantly brings the game to the table. The Miami native, who is an emerging star, is arguably one of the best players on defense this season. Davis has had a numerous number of pass breakups as well as a total of three interceptions this season- San Jose State, Kentucky and Texas A&M. He almost snagged a fourth interception against Alabama in the Iron Bowl- almost but not quite.


Now, preparing for game days are stressful but his on-field responsibilities are simple- his job is to defend. Playing cornerback, Davis’ job is to stop the opposing team from scoring any points and making sure the receivers don’t get the ball. In order to excel on the field, it’s important that he has good chemistry with his teammates. Davis said that throughout the season he and his teammates have had a “brotherly bond” and he says “It’s crazy how close we’ve come to be with strangers. People I never knew existed I now have a strong bond with, and it’s an amazing thing.” 


Davis currently holds the record for the most interceptions for the 2015 season. I asked him what was going through his mind each time that he had intercepted the ball. “I’m not sure if I had a clear thought process, it was more action than thought.” Davis said. “I was happy I got a chance to know that I had helped the team win the game and that I contributed to the game.” Davis then went on to describe his overall experience playing for the Tigers this season as being an emotional rollercoaster. “There’s been good times and hard times but overall, I’m happy to be apart of the Auburn family.” And trust me on this, the Auburn family is extremely grateful to have him. He’s a key player, and he will deliver even more on the field in the upcoming 2016 season. 

Demetra Zuras is a Public Relations major at Auburn University with an interest in Journalism and Fashion Merchandising. Her future goals consist of moving to the big apple and working for Cosmopolitan. She's a chocoholic, shopping addict and football fanatic. WAR EAGLE! 
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