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A HC Girl’s Guide to Fraternity Parties

There is nothing like that first night on campus, finally free from a long
parent-monitored summer, heading into the night with the girls that live down
the hall, feeling the bass-thumping breeze in your shiny primped hair. But while
you may exude an air of confidence, chances are you might not really know
how to navigate the night that lies before you, especially if you are new on
campus (cough, freshman, cough-cough). Have no fear, though, because once
you wade through all the lingo and keep in mind a few simple rules, you’ll be the
Queen of Fraternities (and a classy one at that!)

Before you walk out the door:
First of all, ditch that favorite over-sized tote bag you love so much for a smaller, much more manageable cross-body purse or wristlet. You want something that won’t get in your way while dancing, but that is also attached to you in some way so you don’t end the night frantically searching for your belongings. Also, if you are in a sorority, be conscious that you aren’t wearing your letters – not on your bag, no key chains, no lovelier! Now, here’s what you should put in that cute little bag:

• Chapstick/lipgloss

• $10-$20 (just to be prepared in case you must resort to calling a cab for transportation)

• Cellphone (charged!!)

• Driver’s License (you do NOT want to be stopped by a bike-cop without your license!)

• Tiger Card (no one likes being locked out of the dorm, sleeping on the front steps)

• Hair-tie (after a night of dancing and Alabama humidity, you’ll be glad you had one!)

• Anything else you deem absolutely necessary – but my advice is to travel light!

Ok, so you’re on the way to Fraternity Row (via Drunk Bus, Gotcha Ride, or DD!) but before you get there remind yourself of these few, simple safety rules:

Make sure you’re with friends you trust – you’re gonna want someone looking out for you throughout the night, whether to save you from a little-bit-too-handsy-dance-partner or to make sure you have a ride back home at the end of the night!

Don’t let people you don’t know make you a drink – there is always the risk of date-rape drugs, but even more importantly you don’t want someone mixing way more alcohol than you can handle!

Don’t make yourself a target – don’t wander around by yourself looking lost, walk with confidence. Don’t start dozing off in a chair in a remote corner, stay alert. Don’t go into any room with a closed door with anyone that you don’t or barely know, stay in populated areas. Most guys really don’t turn into creepy perverts once a drop of alcohol lands on their tongue, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Finally! Time for the fun part of this tutorial! Let’s clear up some lingo for all you new timers out there:

What kind of party you are going to?

o Shot Party: the only alcohol served comes in shot-form. There are “Jello Shot” parties (jello and vodka chilled in a Dixie cup) and “Shots Around the World” parties (different rooms of the house have different types of shots)

o Foam Party: basically a dance party that involves lots of soap
suds and people in bathing suits. If you’re looking for a wild,
carefree night I would recommend attending one of these!

o Band Party: involves a live music performance and lots
of dancing (in my personal opinion, these are the most fun!) Attending ensures a 95% chance of meeting/ dancing with at least three guys you’ve never met before, which is half the fun of going to a fraternity right?! (Plus there is a lot less awkward introduction-small-talk stuff)

o BYOB Party: these often present a little bit of a buzz kill, literally.
Bring Your Own Booze parties means that fraternity has no intention
of providing you with alcohol – no beer, no nothin’. But if you’ve
been to the house before and made some friends, you’re in luck!
Most brothers will have their own super-duper-secret-locked-booze-
cooler, and if you know them personally you might just get a taste!
Word to the wise: NEVER actually bring your own alcohol! The last
thing you want is to be caught in route by a pesky bike-cop with an
open container and get served an MIP (Minor In Possession) or a
Public Intoxication charge!

What are they talking about?
o Hunch-punch – a delicious fruity drink, usually found in Gatorade coolers, that has way more alcohol mixed in than you will ever taste – two words: pace yourself!

o Open bar – usually manned with pledges (brother-hopeful) who will mix you whatever drink you want (dependent on whatever they have available), just keep an eye on him while he’s mixing it! Don’t be afraid to stop him from adding too much alcohol – you won’t be impressing anyone when you’re passed out under the beer pong table.

o Brother – a member of a fraternity. Get to know them for those BYOB parties and for potential Formal dates! Word to the wise: try not to embarrass yourself in front of a brother, you do NOT want to be forever known as “that girl who threw up on our president.”

o Sober Pledge – basically, your new best friend. This is a pledge who is required to sober drive brothers and their friends (a.k.a. girls) to and from the party. He could be your saving grace when the Drunk Bus line is busy and you aren’t about walk a mile in your new wedges!

o Drinking Games – fun games often played with brothers involving beer and solo cups. Use the links below for a better understanding:
Beer Pong: http://www.wikihow.com/Play-Beer-Pong
Flip-Cup: http://www.wikihow.com/Play-Flip-Cup

Fraternity parties are seriously fun and pretty much a quintessential
part of the college experience! Now that you know they lay of the land,
go out there and frat home like it’s your business!
(And y’all, please drink responsibly)

Junior Creative Writing Major at Auburn University
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