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Happy Mixing!

Some things have odd pairings like sweet and salty popcorn. It always sounds like an extreme combination but it ends up tasting really good! Now try thinking in that mindset with patterns. Mixing colors and textures can be a fun and adventurous way to mix up your wardrobe. In the end, it allows for more ensembles because you can wear pieces several different ways and come up with an assortment of arrangments. So go ahead and experiment wih different colors, try floral with polka dots and wear lace with leather. Here are some tips to help you get started. Happy mixing!

1) Mix patterns in the same color family.
Using colors similar to each other while still mixing patterns is a subtle look while still showing your daring side.

2) Look for patterns that complement each other.
You definitely want to make sure you don’t look like you got dressed in the dark. Make sure to choose patterns that complement each other. Stripes and florals always go well together and leopard pretty much matches with any pattern.

3) Don’t go head to toe in the same pattern.
You want to make sure you do not look too matchy-matchy. If choosing the same pattern on top and bottom make sure they are two different colors.

4) Leave room between your patterns.
If this is your first time mix and matching the best way to start is not too bold. You do not always need a patterned skirt and another patterned shirt. You can go simple with a different textured scarf or some cool pumps.

5) Include solids.
Including solids in your outfit can help with the space fix. It is good to have a solid blouse between the two patterns or just something simple like stockings or accessories to offset the outfit.

6) Use patterns of different sizes.
Try to mix up the densities of the fabrics. If you have a heavy printed bottom, try to calm the outfit down with a less textured top.

7) Don’t let your accessories overwhelm.
The focus of your outfit is to mix and match. Do not go overboard with too many or too heavy weighted accessories.

8) Think of some patterns as solids.
Some patterns like polka dots or stripes can be considered a solid print if small enough. Do not go for big and bold here; this is more of a subtle type of mixing if you are trying to pull these prints off as solids.

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