This Girl is Moving Full STEM Ahead

LouAnn Crosby is a freshman at Auburn majoring in Biomedical with a concentration in pre-med and minoring in psychology. She’s an active member of the Auburn University Marching Band and a big fan of Disney movies. Nevertheless, her love for science has stayed constant in her life from a young age.

“I’ve always been interested in science, but it’s always been very broad. I wanted to be a ‘scientist’ when I was in elementary school. When I reached middle school, I narrowed it down to biology because of a class that I really loved. I joined the biomed track in high school because it seemed like fun and also incorporated different careers in the science fields. We researched different careers in science focusing mainly on the medical and research areas. During my senior internship, I worked in several surrounding hospitals. That was when it clicked for me that I desired to be a physician, specifically orthopedics. I also hope to conduct research as well, and that I’m leaving open to whatever I find interesting.”

She had found a career she loved, but she wasn’t sure how to get to where she needed to be to make her dreams a reality.

“My biomed mentor encouraged me to look more into the professional aspects instead of just academics. That’s how I got involved in HOSA, a pre-health professional club. Through my experiences in HOSA, I was able to compete both nationally and internationally in Biomedical Laboratory Science. Through my event specifically I was able to combine my academic knowledge and professional training. My senior year I placed first in the state of Alabama and within the top 30 internationally. It reassured me that I was pursuing a path that both excited me and made me feel accomplished.”

“At these conferences, we had a lot of opportunities to network and listen to prominent figures in the field. I was able to meet the Surgeon General and also the guy who writes scripts for Kid President. How cool is that! However, at these expos I also became aware of the fact that I am pursuing a male dominated field. While the conferences themselves were largely diverse, when I spoke in small groups with company representatives, I noticed that even when I asked a question they would primarily direct their answers and attention to the male members of my group. Even though this is the case, this only encourages my ambition to succeed.

“Even though I am only a freshman in college, I have already begun taking steps to build up professional experience. I was hired to work as a TA in a science lab, I’m active in BBB, a biology honors society, and AED, a pre-health club here on campus. I’m ready to make my mark in medicine.”

LouAnn knows that the connections and effort she makes while her at Auburn will propel her forward to obtain her career.