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Getting It Right with The Roommate Book

On first glance, The Roommate Book by Becky Simpson appears to be an easy and hilarious read, and you’ll be happy to know that it delivers on both fronts. Simpson uses a friendly, informal writing style to share her past experiences with roommates in order to advise you on the best modes of action when picking a new roommate and learning to live with them. As a freshman, I was really able to learn from this book’s quirky jokes and humorous yet informative charts. I learned which house plant I most identify with and picked up some ideas for a fun and free “girl’s night in.”

The Roommate Book is organized by topics ranging from a flowchart that help you decide whether you should really live with your BFF to phrases that will help you during a confrontation. Simpson is never condescending; she helps you understand that who you live with is a big deal, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with a few quizzes along the way.

The book is sprinkled with words of wisdom from influential women like Amy Poehler and Mother Teresa (maybe?), as well as graphics that help you pick out the perfect present or prank to create the best memories with these girls or guys that will more than likely end up being your lifelong friends.

Although full of good ideas and sage advice, The Roommate Book focuses mainly on relationships with the kind of roommate you intend to be besties with and doesn’t give much guidance in the realm of terrible/uncomfortable roommate situations. Nevertheless, I gained a lot from Simpson and her hilarious writing style that kept me engaged.

5/5 stars for both readability and quality advice that I will actually use.

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