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Gear Up for the Rodeo with Alpha Psi President, Jeb Sexton!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Auburn chapter.

Now that the spring semester is upon us, we all are finally starting to hear buzz about one of Auburn’s most anticipated events, the Alpha Psi Rodeo! With country music headliners like Brantley Gilbert and Kip Moore, this year’s rodeo is definitely starting to look like one to “hoot and hollar” about! Jeb Sexton, Alpha Psi president, gave HC the scoop on all things rodeo!

HC Auburn: Where are you from?

Jeb: I am from McLean, Virginia. A small town 10 minutes south of Washington, DC.


HC Auburn: Apart from being a member of Auburn’s Alpha Psi Fraternity, what other organizations are you a member of on campus?

Jeb: I actually did my undergraduate study at Auburn University. During that time I was a member of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity as well as a Vice President with the Interfraternity council. I did some work with SGA and a few honor societies as well.


HC Auburn: As I’m sure you already know, just about every Auburn student looks forward to all of the fun and excitement of the Alpha Psi Rodeo each year. For those who have never been, tell us about some of the exciting things they can look forward to this year.

Jeb: There is so much to look forward to, where do I begin? Alpha Psi Rodeo offers patrons the opportunity to hang out with their closest friends and watch an amateur rodeo live. For many guests it’s a new experience and quite the excitement! The event also offers a country music festival atmosphere with renowned as well as upcoming musical acts that play after the actual rodeo portion ends.


HC Auburn: Tell us about Alpha Psi’s philanthropy, Storybook Farms, and what the rodeo means to them.

Jeb: Storybook Farms is a therapeutic riding and special events camp in Auburn that provides a wide variety of activities for special needs children and their families. I have personally worked with the camp’s director in the past and have seen first-hand the wonderful effect it has on the community and the families that go there. The camp is funded 100% by charity donations so events like the Rodeo are a huge support system for them.


HC Auburn: What other charities has Alpha Psi raised money for through the rodeo in the past?

Jeb: In the past we have donated to charities like “Cops on Top” which is a local Special Olympics event done through the Auburn City Police Department. We also donate to Camp ASCCA, which is a year round camp on Lake Martin that puts together various outdoor events for special needs children. Finally, we recently made a commitment to the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine to donate $100,000 each year for the next decade, totally to a $1,000,000 combined donation going towards educational classrooms and various facilities.


HC Auburn: What do you look forward to the most about rodeo each year?

Jeb: Now that’s a tough question! There is so much to look forward to with this event. I attended Alpha Psi Rodeo all four years during my undergraduate time at Auburn and always had an incredible experience. Putting on the event has proved equally rewarding. The best part of the event to me is without question the atmosphere. Having the opportunity to see our guests having the time of their lives and getting in touch with their inner redneck is awesome. The Rodeo is truly a unique event.


HC Auburn: How much are the rodeo tickets and where can they be purchased?

Jeb: Rodeo tickets are $45 this year and can only be purchased on our website, www.alphapsirodeo.com. Parking passes are $30 and can be purchased on this site as well. Patrons should know this is the only place Rodeo tickets can be bought, beware of imitators who may try to rip you off with a fake!


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