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First Semester: Freshman Year as told by “Gossip Girl”

You start out college like


You prepare for your first night out…


Where you took your first shot!

And you wake up the next morning just in time for class


Then you get asked out to dinner by the cute upperclassmen from the frat party


But then you find out you’re not the only one he’s been dating


So you decide to focus more on school but your friends keep trying to get you to go out


But instead you end up watching netflix everyday and have to cut off your subscription just so you can pass your classes.





And eventually all the studying gets old


So you go to a football game

And your friends are totally supportive of every decision you made at the game



But then you go home for Thanksgiving break and your mom tries to be cool

so you kindly inform her she’s not



And the high school seniors have you like


So you get back to campus and study for finals


Where you some how pass biology

Then you realize first semester is really over

But don’t worry you still have 3 1/2 years left




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I am a freshmen at Auburn University majoring in Elementary Educaion. I am from Chapel Hill, NC.
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