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Finding Comfortable Shoes That Don’t Compromise Style

Millions of women have worn and loved stilettos their entire lives. Some find they cannot endure the pain any longer, but aren’t ready for the dowdy alternatives. This presents a huge opportunity for shoe companies to serve consumers who are starved for less pain and more glamour below the ankle. Very few women consider shoes as more than protection from the elements. Instead, they view them as jewelry for the feet or a form of personal expression. Here are a few tricks to maintain the liveliness below the ankle.


Find Foot-friendly Features

Several brands are beginning to incorporate more comfortable features into their shoes. Options such as wedges, platforms and lower chunky heels that can give the appearance of height but with more cushion.

Consider Flats

Many of us think we need a little more heel and a little more punch to draw attention. Maybe so, but flat shoes are in style. The key is to avoid flats with a toe box that’s too narrow, those that lack arch support or have exposed seams inside that rub and cause blisters.

Buy Comfort Brands

Some brands that are historically known for comfortable footwear include (but are not limited to) Birkenstock, Nike, Vionic and Clarks. These brands have recognized the opportunity in the market and have also gone out of their way to develop more stylish and elegant choices without compromising comfort.

Invest in Shoe Inserts

To most women, the phrase “comfortable high heels” is a complete oxymoron. But gel insoles for high heels can change that! The best way to prevent issues such as back pains and foot soreness is by investing in a quality pair of gel insoles for high heels.

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