Finals Week as Told by the Cast of Friends

It's upon us, my friends. Finals week. It's not going to be pretty, but we can do it! Here's a few funnies from our favorite friends to help get you through the week ahead! 


The class when the teacher assigns extra credit at the last minute... OH YA!


When you forgot to turn in said extra credit at the last minute...


The internal debate you have with yourself on whether to go to the library or not. YEAH! NO.

When you realize you have 3 days to bring your grade up from a Z to an A. I feel ya, Phoebs. 

Your reaction to that one teacher who lectures up until the minute before the final exam. Zip it, Sharon. 

That moment when you're finally re-united with your friends after finals week!!!!!!!

Rollin' up to campus dining after a long day of exams

Post pig-out...

Running on no sleep, 78 cups of coffee and no human interaction

And finally... saying sayonara to the professor who made this semester a living nightmare... this deserves two.