Everything You'll Need for a Perfect Pool Day This Summer Thanks to HC

The long-awaited summer season has finally made its appearance, and we at Her Campus know you're desperately in need of long days spent at the pool. Planning the perfect pool day can be stressful if you are the type of person who always forgets something, so we recommend you use this article as a guide and check out the Her Campus Summer Survival Kit along the way. 

If your living space doesn't have a pool, then use Spots to #TravelOnAWhim and find a place that does. Spots allows you to offer your living space when you go out of town, and college students traveling on a budget can rent your space for the price you name. If you're looking for a place to get away for a little while, use Spots to find an affordable place to stay and meet new people! 

Once you make it to the pool, you will need a soft towel that offers a cute backdrop for all of the selfies you will inevitably take. This towel by Vera Bradley does just that and is a must have for laying out by the pool. It is extra absorbant to keep you dry no matter how many times you hop in the pool and is generously sized to give you all the space you need.


When your hair gets in the way, and you don't have a hair holder, use Brappz! This multifunctional accessory can be worn as a hair tie, a headband, a bracelet, a necklace, and can even function as a bra strap to hold up those pesky strapless swimsuit tops. Even better: These colorful straps are silky-soft and won't pull on your hair.


If you're swimming on an especially hot day, you will start feeling dehydrated before long if you don't keep a Camelbak water bottle nearby. These durable water bottles have #GotYourBack --fill yours up and make sure you don't leave home without it!


If your spot at the pool is next to the group of cute boys, you will definitely want to make sure your legs are soft and smooth. Pure Silk shaving cream comes in a travel-size container, so you can take it everywhere you go. This shaving cream is aloe-infused to fight irritation, so your bikini body will look flawless all summer long!


When it's that time of the month, you want to be stocked and prepared everywhere you go. Stuff a few of your Monthly Gift tampons into this Vera Bradley wallet, and you will still have enough space to keep your cash to buy some pool-side snacks.


If you're going to be returning to college after summer, you will need to give Her Campus: Guide To College Life a read while by the pool. This guide gives great advice for women of all ages and can also provide insight for high schoolers who may be anxious about their transitions to college life.