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The Essential Auburn Bucket List

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Auburn chapter.

Everyone has certain things they want to do before they die—fall in love, see the world, achieve greatness in their careers, and so on. However, how many people actually have lists of things they want to do before they graduate college?

If you’re attending college at the greatest school on earth, also known as Auburn University, you should definitely have a graduation bucket list. Auburn has so much to offer, and if you miss out on even one of these things, you’ve missed out on one of the things that makes going to this university and living in this town worth every penny. 

So, here’s a list of essential things you need to add to your Auburn Bucket List to make attending this university even more great. 

1. Take a class just for fun. Puppy play, scuba or walking, anyone? 

2. Pull an all-nighter in RBD using lots of Caribou Coffee. Maybe you’ll even run into Keurig Girl!

3. Go to an Auburn Football game. Obviously.

4. Go to an athletic event you have never been to before. I have discovered a newfound love for gymnastics- maybe you will discover how much you love going to equestrian or swim meets.

5. Join a club you’re interested in. Maybe meet people you never would have met before, plan events you are passionate about, and gain new leadership roles.

6. Work concourse hours. I know it’s terrible, but it gives you a sense of kinship with all the people trying to hand you fliers and helps you learn not to be a jerk.

7. Go to Skybar on a Friday night to celebrate the weekend by catching a live band and getting a few drinks. 

8. Have a delicious brunch at the Hound, accompanied by Mama Mocha’s Coffee.

9. Study in a local coffee shop, treating yourself to pastries and coffees as you accomplish your study goals. 

10. Hang out for an afternoon of hiking and eno-ing at Chewacla.

11. Take a spontaneous weekend trip with your squad. The beach is only a few hours away, y’all.

12. Take the quintessential Auburn pictures. Samford Hall, the Auburn University sign, selfies with Aubie, almost stepping on the seal in front of Langdon Hall… Your Instagram followers are yearning for your Auburn pics. 

13. Skip class just for the fun of it. Not all the time, you still want to graduate, but at least once.

14. Get yourself a core group of friends that you truly love, and spend time with them as much as you possibly can.

15. Roll Toomer’s after a win. The atmosphere there is truly exhilarating and unmissable. 

16. Speaking of Toomer’s, you have got to try their lemonade. And those ice cream sandwiches with cookies? Phenomenal. 

17. Take part in a service project on campus. Big Event is always fun; Auburn University Dance Marathon is literally a service event where you basically dance all night; Beat Bama Food Drive has a great spirit of competition; IMPACT has some really cool projects you can be a part of. 

18. Get lost in the Donald E. Davis Arboretum. There is some really beautiful stuff there, and it’s a great way to spend a class break outside. 

19. Visit the President’s House. 

20. Visit Samford Hall’s Clock Tower.

21. Visit the Eagle’s Nest. 

22. Attend a formal, either one of yours or someone else’s. It’s just fun to dress up and find a date sometimes. 

23. Find a major you love enough to be a nerd about it. Go all in with your major, join clubs related to it, and find research opportunities or internships related to your passion.

24. Learn all the words to the fight song and the Alma Mater. 

25. Get called out at Cater Callouts. Good luck!

26. Find a way to get an official Auburn University nametag. Become an officer within an organization, volunteer for the university, and get that nametag swag. 

27. Integrate the words “War Eagle” into your everyday vocabulary. Example: “Just passed my last test for Physics II. War Eagle to that!”

28. Use the new bike share program just for fun. 

29. Play Frisbee on the greenspace.

30. Graduate from the best university in the United States, and look back fondly on your wonderful time at Auburn.

Have thoughts on this? Did we miss anything? Leave us a comment.

Meghan is a senior at Auburn majoring in microbiology and minoring in journalism. She has been a contributing writer for Her Campus since her freshman year of college, and she absolutely loves it! Her life is made up of alternating periods of stress and relaxation, but full of joy. She loves octopi, Dr. Pepper and strong jawlines.