Essential And Affordable Pieces That You Need In Your Closet This Spring/Summer

With only a month until the semester is over, I’m sure you all are greatly anticipating summer. The weather is already getting warmer here in Auburn, and I know it can get boring wearing Nikes and T-shirts 24/7. So, for when you feel like dressing up a little, I’ve put together five affordable pieces from Forever 21 that you can rock this spring/summer.


1. Crop Tops

Crop tops are such a staple every summer; they're simple and cute at the same time! Dress them up or dress them down, the possibilities are endless!


2. Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are also a very versatile piece. They're super comfy, and it gives you a chance to express your interests in things like bands, food or just funny sayings.


3. Sun Dresses

Sun dresses are a great way to make it look like you tried when you didn't. These dresses are light, airy and can be worn with anything from sandals to sneakers.


4. Flowy Pants

Flowy pants are the best for when you're not feeling shorts. They come in all kinds of colors and patterns, and you don't have to shave your legs before wearing them! That's a win win if you ask me.


5. Denim Shorts

A classic, denim shorts can literally be worn with anything, and come in all different kinds of washes and styles.