DTR: The Reasonable College Edition

College relationships sure are… uh, interesting. That’s the best word to describe them. They aren’t full of moonlight picnics or fireworks, but there will definitely be late night study sessions and over-cooked ramen dates.

All this sounds lovely, but there are still college guys that won’t commit. On any campus, you can find good, handsome guys who refuse to be in relationships, and our biggest question is why!? 

Guys seems to have preconceived notations of what girls want in a relationship:

  • To be on the phone 24/7
  • Flowers and Extravagant gifts
  • Financial stability

Guys, HC Auburn is here to put some of these rumors to sleep! 

First, if we’re both on the phone all the time, are we getting money? When is homework being done? There is definitely a world outside of our relationship. Go out there and have an eventful life so you have something interesting to talk about, instead of asking “wyd now” every five minutes.

Let’s be real: we are all college students! Few of us have jobs that pay more than $10 per hour, nobody is getting a Lamborghini for Valentine’s Day, and there is no reason a girl should be expecting that from her boyfriend. Gifts can range from sweet text messages to $5 wings on Thursdays. No one should be looking to empty someone else’s pockets, and if your SO is, I advise you to leave immediately. It’s hard enough to keep Monopoly money on your Tigercard, let alone try to fund someone with real cash.

As stated above, (and this may be personal) but at this tender age, financially supporting someone other than family sounds a bit absurd. Unless you have worked out a “I pay this time, you pay next time” system, it is not your job to be the provider in any relationship that does not include a wedding ring.

Last is the “Attention Clause." Not every girl wants to breath your air all day long. Giving people time to miss you and really understand the weight of their presence is important. Being in a relationship is a bonus, not an essential part of life. You and your significant other should be able to survive without each other clinging to each other's sides.

So take this as insider advice: Not all girls are the same! We do not all have a check list (and if she does, please consider how much of your life you are willing to give to her). 

These rules apply for both genders seeking a relationship, because studies show that men are actually now more aimed towards settling down than women.

Hey, it's not like we're going to get married! 

But some stability would be nice.