The Different Stages of Black Friday Shopping

1. Exhaustion

Whether you are someone who goes out right at midnight, or a traditional shopper who waits until 5am, you are tired. And at least once, you contemplate whether the deals and the sales are really worth the lack of sleep you are about to experience.

2. Impatience

You have arrived at your local mall or shopping center and are waiting for the first store on your list to open. You are two cups of coffee in and ready to take down anyone who gets in your way. 

3. Excitement

In an overwhelming rage of excitement, you make it through the crowds of people and the doors of store number one. You find exactly what you are looking for plus things you realize you didn't even know you wanted.

4. Uncertainty

You arrive at the cash register, shopping cart full, and are told if you spend $20 more you get an even bigger discount. What do I buy? Where should I look? I do not want to lose my spot in line! Two scarves and a pair of socks later, and you are back chatting with the cashier, telling her of your plan for the rest of the day and wishing her the best for the long hours she will have to stay ringing up items and processing discounts.

5. Elation

You have made it through your first stop and are anxious to get on your way with the other stores you plan on visiting.

6. Fatigue

You remember all you had to eat before starting your shopping spree was a granola bar along with those few cups of coffee. Your stomach is louder than a clap of thunder, you can barely hear yourself think, and you have five bags on each arm. You take a quick walk to your car and drop off the first half of the day’s purchases.

7. Adrenaline

The Starbucks kiosk you traditionally hit on Black Friday is right there waiting for your visit. After downing a muffin and a latte, you are energized and ready to continue on your way.

8. Hysteria

After your quick break, you have returned to the hectic stores filled with overflowing shelves, loud people, and annoyed workers.

9. Victory

You have found everything you are looking for, hit just about every store in town and have saved more money than you could imagine. You are a shopping superstar, and you know it. This feeling of triumph is quickly met with an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion as you hop in the car and head home for your bed.