Cuffing SZN: When You Aren’t Being Cuffed

Picture it. It’s fall semester; you’re applying for internships and heading up social club meetings, all while still trying to enjoy football season in the student section of Jordan-Hare. You’re stressed about everything from your future plans to what you’re eating for dinner tonight. As if that wasn’t enough, every other post on Instagram is an engagement announcement for a sorority sister, coworker or someone you met during Camp War Eagle freshman year. All you can hear anyone talking about is getting “locked down” before graduation. Yes, my friends…cuffing season has arrived.

‘Tis the season to be in a relationship! It can be fun to celebrate friends and their new life adventures. But when everyone around you is being cuffed except you, it can be a trying time. It can give you serious FOMO and can sometimes affect your self-esteem. Everyone around you seems to be attached at the hip while you’re loving up on your Netflix and pizza. But that is 100% completely okay!

Being single is easier said than done, especially when you become the “single friend” of your friend group. But being the single friend can be more of a blessing than you think. Your friends will most likely come to you for advice on their relationships because you don’t have your love goggles on and can see everything clearly from all sides. Also, you get to have a couples’ size dessert to yourself and pig out on chocolate cheesecake!

But the best thing about being single in a group of engaged folks is that you get to experience the love that your friends have found. You get to be a part of their new lives and their special day. While being single during cuffing season can be a rough time, being a confidante to your friends and loving yourself in the process is worth the while! And not having to share your pizza with anyone has its perks too!