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Campus Cutie: The Auburn Tigers Football Team

Auburn Tigers Football is back, and while we’re excited for the promise of the Guschamp duo and the new recruits, the fact that some of the players are serious Campus Cuties doesn’t hurt! While Cam Newton is undoubtedly the sexiest man to step on Pat Dye Field in recent years, the line up for the 2015 season isn’t lacking in the looks department. Not only are the players cuties, they easily rock that navy jersey and white pants. Somehow they make Under Armour tracksuits hot, and we love it! 

A-Day was a success, adding to the attractive appeal of the Tigers lineup. Gus Malzahn said he was very pleased with how the new plays ran today and is confident we will have another great season. If you missed the game, check out the highlights below and swoon over the sexiness of the Auburn Tigers football team!

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