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Campus Celebrity: Panhellenic President Alexis Barranca

Auburn Panhellenic appointed a new Panhellenic President last semester, Gamma Phi Beta’s Alexis Barranca. Alexis is a junior from Alpharetta, Georgia and is study Public Relations. I had the chance to talk to her more about her positon and what it’s like to be in charge of a major on-campus organization! 

What inspired you to apply for Panhellenic President?

The Panhellenic community has always held a special place in my heart. I knew as Panhellenic president I would not only be able to connect with girls in my own sorority, but girls in all 17 chapters. Panhellenic gives young women the opportunity to grow as leaders and inspires women to reach their full potential. These are the characteristics of Panhellenic that made me want to get involved.

What duties does your position include?

As president, I serve as a liaison between the 17 sorority chapters and oversee Panhellenic’s relations with other student organizations. I also work closely with the Panhellenic executive board and the 90-person Panhellenic council to guide them with any questions or problems they may have.

What goals do you have for your time as Panhellenic President?

My main goal is to improve the involvement of Panhellenic in and around Auburn’s community. I want to create a widespread service to assist with any philanthropic or organizational events happening in the community. This year, I hope to focus on a service-driven Panhellenic that gives back to the community which gives so much to them.

What is your favorite part of your role?

My favorite part of the role is being able to meet incredible leaders from all over Auburn’s campus. Just within Panhellenic, I work closely with all 17 sorority presidents. These woman inspire me to be a great leader and to work hard to accomplish my goals. I learn from their leadership styles every day and love seeing what great things they are doing for their chapters. These woman not only teach me how to be a better leader, but also make me a better leader.

How do you manage classes and being the president of a major on-campus network?

I eat, breathe and live by my planner. If it weren’t for time management it would be much harder for me to keep up with everything. I make sure to plan out my days down to the hour to be able to get everything done in a timely manner. I also make sure to plan free time throughout my week to make sure I have time to relax and be with my friends.

Do you hold any other on-campus positions?

I serve as the Lacrosse Hostess President, a member of Phi Sigma Pi Honors fraternity and a University Peer Instructor. Previously I served on the UPC committee: Research and Evaluation and was a member of the Auburn Women’s Club Lacrosse Team.

What other positions did you hold on Panhellenic council before becoming president?

I previously served as the Director of Benevolence on Panhellenic cabinet. I was responsible for planning council philanthropy events for all sororities to be involved. Within my own chapter, I served as the Philanthropy Chairwoman responsible for planning our large philanthropy event. These positions are what inspired me to focus on a service-oriented Panhellenic during my time as President since I know what wonderful things this organization can accomplish.

What would you say to girls looking to join a sorority in the fall?

Joining a sorority is such a rewarding experience. Not only will you join an organization where you will meet lifelong friends, but also gain self-confidence in yourself while enhancing your leadership abilities. When going through recruitment just be yourself, have fun and get ready to create lasting memories with girls who will be in your life forever.

Any advice for those looking to get involved in leadership positions?

First and foremost, find out what is your passion. Once you do that, work hard every day to accomplish your goals to help you achieve your desired leadership position. Make sure you love what you are a part of because if you love what you are doing then you will love leading your organization. 

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