Campus Celebrity: Natalie Walker

Here's a girl that you can't possibly keep up with! Natalie Renee Walker is this week's Campus Celebrity for obvious reasons-- She is always on the run! If she's not in class, running organizations, playing sports, working philanthropy events, or family functions, she's somewhere having fun. Her Campus asked Natalie to tell us about her fun-filled and hectic schedule here at Auburn University!

Name: Natalie Renee Walker

Age: 21

Major: Supply Chain Management

What drives you to be so involved on campus?

I chose to get involved on campus because I did so much in high school, and with the transition to college I learned quickly that for me to succeed I would need to network and make some meaningful connections with people that could help me achieve my goals. I also know myself and I am most productive when I am busy. I started out being involved with Air Force ROTC and the Academic Excellence Program. Then I decided to change my major and really get involved things where I felt my skills and abilities would be appreciated and I could do what I am passionate about.

I know you’re heavily involved with BSU (The Black Student Union). Describe what BSU means to you and how it positively affects our student body?

As a member of the BSU Cabinet my goal is to help promote and create Unity through Education. Simply put in our constitution, we are an organization “desiring to improve the quality of life for black students on campus and increasing human relations between all students.” We host general assembly meetings, social events, Jazz & Poetry nights, Tiger Stomp, we sponsor intramural teams, and participate in community service.

For me [I love] the family atmosphere of our leadership team, advisors, everyone is very “All In”. Like most families, we have our differences and work through them.

What events are coming up that BSU will be hosting?

For the rest of the semester to get involved with BSU:

Weekly General Assembly Meetings @ 5pm SC 2222/2223

Relay for Life April 25th @12pm : Team You Got Served

Fitness for Relay w/ LSCS 4/14 @ 7pm SC 2218 (Zumba class)

We have a Relay for Life team, and we also are hosting a Unity Ball with this year proceeds going to Relay.  For Relay, we have utilized our freshman committee to do a lot of the planning and fundraising.

What other organizations are you a member of?

BSU- Campus Involvement Director

LSCS- Ladies Society of Collegiate Success, Treasurer

OPCD - Office of Professional & Career Development, Student Assistant

AU RWC - AU Recreation & Wellness Center, Operations Staff

ODMA- Office of Diversity & Multicultural Affairs Diversity Ambassador

WIB - Women in Business

ASCMA - Auburn Supply Chain Management Association

AUGC- Auburn Gospel Choir

What was your favorite part of the 2014-2015 school year?

My favorite part of this school year has been my involvement working with BSU and the ODMA: Diversity Ambassadors. Diversity Ambassadors have just recently became an official campus organization and I will be serving on the executive team of four next year, to promote diversity and unity on campus. I think of us as the student recruiter for the prospective minority students. I find joy within my passion to help anyone really develop and find their place socially, spiritually, or educationally.

With the end of the school year approaching, what advice do you have on studying and still staying active on campus?

It is all about balance! Work, Life, School… I work two jobs on-campus, am taking 18 hrs, compete in intramural sports and on top of that I am heavily involved with and in leadership positions. I’ve had to learn that it is also okay to say no sometimes. You cannot please everyone and will eventually have to start making decisions based on what you are really passionate about. Being organized and setting daily goals helps, and for me staying strong in my faith and using different resources at RBD or through your respective college is important.