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Campus Celebrity: Cam Newton

Cam Newton. It’s a name that makes girls swoon and guys nod in appreciation, and gives members of the Auburn Family a warm fuzzy. The NFL quarterback is back in Auburn this semester, lighting up campus with his megawatt smile. Since 2013, Cam has been spending his Spring at the Loveliest Village on the Plains taking classes to finish his degree!


The idea that a millionaire football player is sitting in college classes in the off-season is something rarely heard of. Following the 2010 Championship season and his Heisman win, Newton entered the 2011 NFL Draft and was selected by the Carolina Panthers. He had a great rookie season, and has helped bring the team back to the forefront of the NFC–let’s not forget they had a shot at this year’s Super Bowl title!

But despite his athletic success, Cam hits the books with the rest of us, trapped in the dank rooms of the Haley Center and wandering the Student Center looking for a seat near an outlet. You can see him walking down the concourse and then he’s in the first commercial that pops up on your TV when you finally get back to your apartment. 

He’s the definition of a true celebrity with his public presence, but he’s also an Auburn celebrity for his dedication to the university. As a professional athlete, celebrity endorser for Under Armour, Gatorade, and Dannon Oikos, and even a fashion designer (he has his own clothing line, MADE by Cam Newton, in case you didn’t know), Cam Newton has enough going on without adding “college student” to the list. Yet here he is, listening to lectures and taking notes. But instead of doodling in his notebook he’s probably coming up with a new line, or going over play formations in his mind.

Cam Newton is a Campus Celebrity because he embodies the Auburn Creed. He works hard, plays hard, and as is evident by his return to classes to get his degree, he truly believes in Auburn and loves it. 

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