Campus Celebrity: Auburn Football

Ricardo Louis’s remarkable deflection to beat Georgia is now the second-most stunning play in the Auburn Tigers crazy season. 


Chris Davis returned a missed field goal attempt for 109 yards touchdown with a one second on the clock. Auburn’s 34-28 victory is quite possibly the best ending to any college football game ever, and the experts agree. With this win we will go to Atlanta to battle No. 4 Missouri for the SEC championship title!

“We’re a team of destiny,” Chris Davis said. “We won’t take no for an answer.”  (NY Daily News)

His play will forever be shown in the tunnel video before the games. His play will be remembered for years to come, and we can tell our kids that we were there. His play is going down in history, and not just Auburn's. Even Paul Finnebaum said it's the greatest play in college football history. Davis caught the ball about 9 yards deep in the end zone after Alabama red-shirt freshman Adam Griffith’s 57-yard attempt fell short. Then he sprinted down the sideline and broke free with only his teammates to follow--the Crimson Tide couldn't catch up with Davis's speed. 


Orange you glad we had those shakers? 

Even JT was talking about our win.

The team of destiny beat the team of dynasty. If you ask any Auburn fan how they felt aftetr that game they would all day the same thing, it’s great to be an Auburn Tiger!