Caleigh with an (Artsy) Twist

Meet Caleigh Oxley, a sophomore studying industrial design. Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Caleigh is not your typical college student. Instead of working in retail or at the campus bookstore like most kids, Caleigh has found another way to make some extra cash. She uses her artistic abilities to paint and hand letter custom-made canvases, cards, you name it. Caleigh says she has always been artsy, in the normal kid way that we all were, but “didn’t start getting into art until sophomore year of high school."

"I worked in a coffeehouse for approximately 2 years during high school, and, on slow shifts, I would draw on the chalkboard walls," Caleigh said. "I would find something on Pinterest about coffee or tea and started sketching it to promote menu items. I was nowhere near where I am today, but I decided that I wanted to get better." She says the rest is history (in the making)!

Now you may be thinking, anyone can pick up arts and crafts as a hobby; but Caleigh does not only create unique pieces of art, she is a small business owner on top of that. Meant to Bee Designs is her personal brainchild turned Etsy shop. Her inspiration? “Bees are inspiring; aerodynamically the bumble bee cannot fly due to its weight and size compared to its wings. The bee doesn’t know that though so it keeps on flying anyway! I started seeing how you can do every day things to save the bees and wanted to raise awareness my way: put it in my studio’s name and make a big deal about these little pollinators!”

Having been a business owner for almost a year now, Caleigh says it’s hard to balance classwork, extracurriculars, managing her artwork, and being a normal college kid. “I’m a very meticulous planner so I try not to fall behind in any aspect of my life. When I have orders the same week I have exams, I run audio Quizlet flash cards while I paint.” The key to success here is definitely multi-tasking. Caleigh says she paints not only because she enjoys doing it but also because she loves to see her happy costumers reactions. "It’s just worth it knowing that your hard work is appreciated and not taken for granted.”

Just like our little yellow and black flying friend, Caleigh is defying all odds with her creative abilities and kick-butt attitude; always trying to better herself and her Etsy shop, Caleigh says her goals for Meant to Bee Designs “is just to keep it as my hobby and continue to create smiles on the side." If you want to smile some more, check out some of her amazing pieces showcased below; also check out Meant to Bee Designs on social media.

Instagram: @meanttobeedesigns

Facebook: Meant to Bee