The Best Finds on Etsy

Etsy is one of the biggest marketplaces for creative thinkers to put their products up for grabs. Whether an artist wants to sell a painting for $500 or a future bride wants to find a vintage wedding dress, Etsy can help. Joining this online community as a seller or buyer means interacting with other artistic and imaginative users as well as checking out products rarely seen at local boutiques and shops. Owners of virtual shops can sell products that reflect the current major trends yet maintain a creative aspect to them, like these five products.

1. Art

$30 per print, $120 for set of 5 at Etsy shop BrittanyBuschArt

From tiny nail stickers to huge paintings, Etsy is the place for a wide range of artistic products. Buyers can find prints of their favorite quotes or portraits of their favorite people by scrolling through hundreds of results involving photography, oil paints, typography and more. The best part is Etsy’s search makes it easy to find cool pieces related to pop culture like these prints featuring characters from Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom.

2. Vintage clothes

$114 at Etsy shop StutterinMama

Fashion is a cycle. Full skirts from the 1950s and plaid flannels from the 1990s can be seen on the trendiest dressers today. Etsy features a section devoted to vintage finds that are better than the average thrift shop discoveries. While some products are expensive, many of them are in the price range of the average college student.

3. Handmade jewelry

$33.99 at Etsy shop JoelleJewelryDesign

Local boutiques may have the best jewelry section in town, but Etsy buyers can support artisans online by purchasing their handmade jewelry. Rings with precious gemstones and necklace pendants with quotes fill many of the pages of Etsy, along with other listings like bracelets and earrings featuring monograms.

4. Childhood toys

$10 at Etsy shop CYBERCRAZY

Whether a trip down memory lane has buyers looking for a Furby or a slap bracelet, Etsy has it. Along with the vintage clothes, Etsy’s vintage section features items that hit their popularity peak decades ago. Users can remember their favorite childhood moments by stocking up on their favorite toys from the past like this board game featuring the boy band *NSYNC.

5. Cross-stitch designs

$29.31 at Etsy shop ThimbleAndBobbinUK

The best example of Etsy products reflecting pop culture trends as well as maintaining a quirky element is the rise of cross-stitching. Etsy features several pages of framed quotes in the form of cross-stitch. From Notorious B.I.G. lyrics to quotes from the HBO show “Girls,” every house could use a cross-stitch design hanging from its wall.

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